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Getting Started

Post  John on Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:17 pm

Firstly I install the client software on your school computer, then I send you a e-mail. In that e-mail will be a link to and should be an invitation from When you get home, click the link and you will be taken to the LogMeIn site. You will then be asked for a password to access your computer; this can be anything you like, it has no relationship to the password you use to log in at school, it is simply a security password to log in to your LogMeIn account. When you have done this a small program will run on your computer (you may have to click the gold bar at the top of the screen to allow it to run) When it has run you will see an icon representing your computer on the screen, click it and you will be asked to log in again; this time, use your login details as if you were at school, click ok and your in!
You may want to move your cursor up to the top centre of your screen, when you do a panel will appear, go to options, on the right you will see "Full Screen" click this and you will get a full screen view of your school machine, it's like being there!
Whilst in the "Options" panel, I suggest you put a tick in "Blank Screen" and "Lock Keyboard" (left hand side of panel) when you do this first time the school machine will want to run a program called the "DPMS Driver" click on install. When the program has finished running the screen of your school machine will be blank and the keyboard will not function, this is required if you don't want any onlookers at school seeing what you are doing or interfering with your session.
Remote Power on
If your machine at school is equiped with "Wake on Lan" and I believe they all are, if your machine at school is switched off when you come to access it and the machine is connected to a live power socket, you can switch it on remotely. Simply click the "Switch On" button on your machine icon, wait a couple of minutes, hit the refresh button (top left hand corner, like two arrows circling) When it says it's on, log in! Simples!!

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